Monday, June 8, 2009

Foundation Application Techniques

Over the past few posts we've been working ourselves up from the beginning of make-up applications. We've talked about skin prep, choosing the right foundation, and now we will discuss foundation application!

To me, proper application of foundation is just as important as the make-up its self. Most foundation wearers are stuck in the era of the sponge....

I cringe when I see these things. Now they are good for cleaning up eyeshadow flakes after application, you know, the little sprinkles you get under your eye after you've put your shadow on? But I do NOT recommend using these sponges for foundation, whether it is for powder, cream, or liquid. Why? For these reasons:

-if you are using a liquid or cream, the sponge soaks up your product and doesn't give it back!! You are wasting anywhere from 25-50% of the product you paid hard-earned money for!! Stop! Thief!!

-the purpose of a sponge is to its going to absorb anything on your face that it can. The sponge will soak up all the oil and bacteria on your face and the give all that yummy stuff a home to reproduce! YUCK!

-a sponge will not lay or place product on your face like a brush will. Like I mentioned before, the sponge wants to soak up the make-up, so its not going to give you a smooth, even application.

-when you use a sponge with a powder foundation, do you ever get a dark crusty layer that appears on the top of your compact? Well that is the oil from your face that the sponge drank up and spewed out on your precious make-up.....more yummy bacteria! Yes!

"What do you recommend, Meagan?" you might be wondering...


That's right ya'll, BRUSHES! There are a variety of brushes available to you that will help with your foundation application.

For liquid and cream foundations you can use any brush you want. The more compact the bristles on the brush, like the brush third from the left in the picture above, the more product you will be able to pick up. This brush will give you a lot of coverage. The proper way to use the brush is not in a paintbrush motion. Paint-the-fence, Paint-the-fence, up and down, up and down.....NO, no no no no no no, NO!! All this is going to do is move the make-up around and give you a streaky finish. What you want to do is pat the skin with the brush to place the product on the face.

You can also use a fluffy brush to put a liquid or cream foundation on. Yes, I said it, a fluffy brush like the brush you've put blush or powder on with your whole life can be used as a liquid foundation or cream on your face. I love the result of using a fluffier brush. You place the make-up on in a circular motion, working the product on little by little. This will give you a more diffused look, an airbrushed finished. Flawless skin!!! Ooh La La!

When it comes to powder foundation, I would stick to the brushes on the right side of the picture. As you can see, there are a variety of sizes of fluff brushes. This gives you the choice of light, medium, or heavy application. The fluffier the brush, the less product will be placed on the face.

So that has it. Use brushes! I know I'm partial to MAC brushes because they last forever, but if you cannot afford to splurge on a full set or even one brush, stop by your local drugstore and pick up a few to try. I really like the make-up brushes at Target. The Sonia Kashuk make-up tools. They are the closest to my beloved MAC.

Things to remember when using your brushes:

-wash your brushes once or twice a month. More if you apply make-up daily. Use a small amount of make-up removing facial soap or an antibacterial soap diluted in water to wash your brushes. RINSE THOROUGHLY! Make sure you get all the soap out, gently squeeze excess water out, and lay on a paper towel to dry over night.

-don't get discouraged if you are first starting to use the brushes. Just like anything else new, you have to practice. It will come to you and you will notice the biggest difference!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.....PLEASE!!?? I haven't heard from very many people on my little posts! :( I love your comments and especially your questions!

Peace out!

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  1. You should post video tutorials on the info you are teaching us. That would be great!! Thanks, you are a wonderful teacher :)