Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello hello!! How is everyone today??

I want to thank you ladies for submitting your questions on the last make-up tip post. I want to answer some of those now. Last time we talked about foundation application. My lovely followers expressed that they didn't like the squishy make-up sponges, which is a great thing! But they had questions on if using your fingers is acceptable. You have to think of it this wouldn't paint a nice picture with your fingers, so you wouldn't want to do your make-up that way either. Using your fingers doesn't allow for an even application and can make things streaky. Other than the streakiness, using the fingers on the facial skin, whether clean or dirty, adds unwanted bacteria and it increases the oil production on the face. So if you're having issues with oil, this could be a reason.

Now for the new stuff....we've talked about prepping the skin, picking a foundation, the proper brushes to use, now we need foundation's best friend....concealer! There are many misconceptions I'd like to clear up about concealer, because it can be your best friend too!!

Concealer's purpose is to cover up any unwanted spots or discoloration. Concealer can be used with or with out a foundation and should be applied with a brush. Because of the area you would be placing the product (under the eyes) is very sensitive, using a brush will not cause as much damage to the outer skin and underlying tissue. Also, if you are using the concealer to cover up a pesky pimple, you don't want to add more bacteria to and infected pore by using your fingers. Using a brush that is smaller with condensed bristles will allow you to cover up almost anything!!!

When choosing your concealer color, I always like to go one shade lighter than your foundation color. This will bring a highlight to the under-eye area and will decrease the look of of a blemish. Gently pat the color on the needed areas and blend out.

Most people think that concealer goes on before foundation, but after a few trials and errors, I've found that you can achieve a much smoother look with better coverage if you put the concealer on after the foundation. You won't get those darkened spots on your face that won't buff out! So try that out and see what you think!

When it comes to color of concealer, I like to recommend something that is in the rose family as apposed to the golden. This is great for covering the purpleness under the eyes and redness of blemishes.

So there you have it! Another Make-Up Tip Monday! Please let me know your questions and if there's anything specific I need to talk about! I'm doing this for you!

Good evening, goodnight, and goodbye!

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