Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FOTD: Eyes

Hi friends! I hope you're enjoying my new site. I thought I would post a few of my eye looks from the past couple of days.
This picture is of two separate looks. The right eye is a gold/maroon combination. The right eye is a pink/ plum combination. The picture is not great, but I'm rockin' two different eyebrow styles as well. Which one do you like better?

This is a neutral color palette for everyday wear.

Same look, eyes open. Very subtle, but still noticeable.

Have a great day!!


  1. I like the pink/plum combo. Very pretty. Now, show me how to do the 'smokey eyes'. I suck at it.

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  3. I like both of the eyeshadow combinations in the first picture. I can hardly tell you have makeup on in that last picture. Maybe adding a little more brown in the corners would help.

    I wish you would have taken a picture with your eyes open-I think it would've been good to see another angle of the eyeshadows in the first picture.